"Strange Brew: Religion, Politics and Business In America, Part I" by Pam Dewey

Kudos and a sincere thank you to author and video producer Pam Dewey on her outstanding July 10, 2018 Owl & Ibis presentation, "Strange Brew: Religion, Politics and Business in America, Part I," also known as "Religion: Home Grown in America!" An MS Word outline of Pam's presentation may be downloaded here.

Pam’s talk and videos conveyed a large amount of the history, sociology and psychology of prophetic and apocalyptic religious movements in the U.S., and generated a robust and informative discussion among the meeting’s attendees.

“Religion: Home Grown in America” was the first of two talks Pam is giving at O&I during July. Her second presentation, “Strange Brew: American Religion, Business and Politics,” will be made on July 24, 2018. See the left sidebar above for O&I meeting times and driving directions.

Pam introduced “Religion: Home Grown in America” by stating: “Religion, especially evangelical Christianity, is playing a large, unacknowledged, behind-the-scenes role in American governance.” She then presented, expanded upon and led discussion on two of her videos.

Both her July 10th and July 24th presentations derive from Pam's BRAIN PAIN video series. Here are descriptions and links to those YouTube videos:

PART ONE: “Brain Pain”: Overview of the topic of “cognitive dissonance” and the social psychology book, When Prophecy Fails.  This is Part One of a series applying the theory of cognitive dissonance to religious movements: https://youtu.be/TyRlrlYTLFk

PART TWO: “The Great Disappointment”: Applying the theory of cognitive dissonance to the circumstances of the Millerite Movement of the 1840s (forerunner of the Seventh Day Adventist and other religious groups of today), and the failed prophecies of William Miller: https://youtu.be/9v5RzachYmw

PART THREE: “Pushing the Panic Button”: Applying the theory of cognitive dissonance to the circumstances surrounding the End of the World predictions in 2011 of Harold Camping which made national and international headlines: https://youtu.be/2bwbzNKtQsA

The BRAIN PAIN series is an extension of Pam Dewey's "Field Guide to the Wild World of Religion" website at http://www.isitso.org/guide.

Pam’s excellent book, Field Guide to the Wild World of Religion, 2011 Edition is available at Amazon here.

Thanks again, Pam. Great job!

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