"Strange Brew: Religion, Politics and Business in America, Part II" by Pam Dewey

August 5, 2018
Today, Pam Dewey, author, blogger and video producer, posted "Strange Brew, Part III: Eye of Newt and Foot of Frog." It may be accessed here. Here's an accompanying note from Pam:

"If you have not yet seen Part 1 and/or Part 2, links to all three current videos in the series are available at the YouTube "Playlist" page linked below for the STRANGE BREW series. Be sure to watch them in order...the material in each one builds on information and commentary in the earlier entries. And stay tuned for more to come in the series. Links will show up on this playlist page on the YouTube website each time a new video is added to the collection. 


"The ongoing STRANGE BREW Series is an examination of the weird symbiosis of GOP Politics, Big Business, and Evangelical Christianity during the presidential administration of Donald Trump, which is affecting a wide swath of US issues including the climate change and ecological crises debates, public education, economics, civil rights, and social justice.

"I believe my 30+ years of intensive research into “homegrown American religion” that I share on my Field Guide to the Wild World of Religion website, coupled with a decade of intensive research into the nooks and crannies of US history that are not covered in the standard narrative fed to kids in grade school and high school history classes, that I share on my Meet MythAmerica website,  has led me to a unique perspective on the interplay of these forces."

Pam Dewey

Kudos and a hearty thank you to Pam Dewey, author and video producer, on her July 24, 2018 O&I presentation, “Strange Brew: Religion, Politics and Business in America, Part II."

A central theme in Pam’s talk was the belief among many Evangelical Christians in the U.S. that President Donald Trump is a gift from God. That he has been sent by the Almighty to rectify the ungodly direction that liberal progressives have taken the country. As for his crudity, misogyny, and racism, the ECs say that is none of our business. That, they say, is a matter between him and God.

An outline of Pam’s presentation is available, with her permission, here. Prominent during the evening was the viewing of two of her masterful videos. Both are available free on YouTube:

(Released August 5, 2018)

In these three remarkable videos you will find the following ECs who play a dominant role in Trump’s ascendance, his staying power, and what his “bedfellows” envision for the future of U.S. society: Paula WhiteBenny HinnKim ClementJim BakkerTammy FayeLance WallnauMark TaylorRick JoynerKenneth Copeland, and Kenneth Hagin.

You will likely be as stunned as the O&I Confluence was after viewing the videos and learning about these people and their plans for the future of the U.S.

Again, congratulations to Pam on her deeply researched and professionally presented talk on one of the most serious problems facing America and, many believe, the Enlightenment Project.

Owl & Ibis also highly recommends Pam’s 2011 Book, Field Guide to the Wild World of Religion. It may be purchased here.

Owl & Ibis
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P.S. Twenty Richest Pastors in the World (2018)


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