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Being Human – Our Past, Present and Future in Nature
On Anthropology and Biology
This is my original blog begun in September 2010. My original description of it remains unchanged: “an open forum on topics in anthropology, science, philosophy, religion, and African studies. The purpose of the blog is to promote thought and increase and improve knowledge.” The blog’s focus has since narrowed to human biological evolution and “human nature.” Topics in cultural anthropology, human cultural evolution, and the peoples of Africa are addressed on my blog, Being: In Nature and the Ethnosphere. To follow or subscribe to this blog go to its home page and complete the form “Follow by Email.”

Being – In Nature and the Ethnosphere
On t…

Controlling the Black American Man

The Oppressive Seeds of the Colin Kaepernick Backlash
Many white Americans think that hate speech short of explicitly inciting violence should be permissible as something allowable - anywhere, anytime and in all circumstances - under the First Amendment's protection of free speech.
With regard to race I think many whites who think this way are giving support to the historical transition away from lynching and toward non-violent measures that have a broader appeal among whites. Those being: housing red-lining, Jim Crow laws, gerrymandering, voter suppression, hate speech, white anger at black athlete protesters - all as means of maintaining control of and supremacy over African Americans, especially black males.
Essentially, many whites have backed off violence and found legal and moral cover under free speech and discriminative laws and practices. The have thereby fortified their sense of justification and legitimization, and been emboldened.
That real, debilitating harm continues…