The Persecution of the Rohingyas of Myanmar- Much More Than a Religion Problem

The Pursuit of Power and Wealth Are Hidden and Abetted by Focusing on Ethnicity, Religion and Race Divisions, and Poor Media Reporting

The expulsion of Rohingyas from Myanmar is another example where ethnicity and religion become the focus, the arena for ambitious power- and wealth-pursuing perpetrators and the media. This focus obscures the underlying political and economic ambitions. For the media it makes for better headlines and entertaining but not always true distinctions between victims and evil doers. For perpetrators such as national and local governments, and the wealthy in pursuit of more wealth, and the opportunistic poor of neighboring ethno-religious groups it provides cover and moral justification for the persecution and displacement of those of different ethnicity and religions. Another instance is the Western media reporting of politician-fueled "tribal clashes" in Africa, most recently in Kenya and Ethiopia. Again, such tactics and reporting obscures, under-reports and provides cover for the economic and political factors driving and contributing to violence and injustice.

Here's more on the media's substandard reporting on Africa:


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