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Being Human – Our Past, Present and Future in Nature
On Anthropology and Biology

This is my original blog begun in September 2010. My original description of it remains unchanged: “an open forum on topics in anthropology, science, philosophy, religion, and African studies. The purpose of the blog is to promote thought and increase and improve knowledge.” The blog’s focus has since narrowed to human biological evolution and “human nature.” Topics in cultural anthropology, human cultural evolution, and the peoples of Africa are addressed on my blog, Being: In Nature and the Ethnosphere. To follow or subscribe to this blog go to its home page and complete the form “Follow by Email.”

Being – In Nature and the Ethnosphere
On the Anthropology of Culture, Cultural Evolution, and the Peoples of Africa

Begun in April 2014, this blog focuses on the anthropological concept of culture and prehistoric and historic cultural evolution. Within cultural anthropology emphasis is on ethnology and ethnography, the study, analysis, description, and comparison of specific cultures, with an emphasis on the past and present peoples of Africa. To follow this blog, click the “Follow” popup menu in the lower right corner and enter your email address.

Migration Anthropology Consultants (MAC), LLC
On Human Migration, Refugees, Cross-Cultural Training, and Workplace Culture Analysis

Begun in May 2009, Migration Anthropology Consultants (MAC), LLC provides expert international and domestic consultancy and training services to governmental and international agencies, non-governmental organizations and voluntary agencies, and corporations and businesses. The multidisciplinary, holistic, participant observation methods of anthropology are applied to human migration, refugee populations, and business and organization workplace analysis.  Behavioral scientific rigor and humanism are essential to this approach. Training programs are also provided on cross-cultural communication and other skills necessary for living and working in multi-cultural, international settings. The MAC website also provides news and commentary on migration, immigration and refugee matters around the world. To follow or subscribe to this website go to its home page and complete the form “Follow by Email.”


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